ZONDER was founded by Grant Livett through his own personal desire for a specific genre of jewellery and the eagerness to fill a gap in the market by offering quality and unique 925 Silver Sterling jewellery pieces that did not break the bank. 

Originally from in Sydney, Australia, Grant was heavily influenced by the 'grungy' core of the skate and surf fashion scene growing up. However, the jewellery that correlated to this aesthetic and that were accessible at the time embodied the punk/biker style of jewellery. These pieces tended to be heavy and bulky and were typically made of cheap or more tarnishable metals such as stainless steel or copper. Although, many of the designs within the genre of jewellery were appealing, they were not quite what Grant was after. It was simple - Grant sought to introduce quality everyday jewellery pieces with exceptionally unique designs that could be cherished for a lifetime; all at a fair and affordable price point. 

Grant has been based in Zurich, Switzerland for the past 4 years and the vast range of fashion inspiration throughout Europe have influenced his personal fashion and style. Most notably, the more minimalistic and tonal approach to styling. This involves utilising statement jewellery pieces to personalise and elevate an outfit. 

Aside from fashion, Grant has a huge passion for American Traditional tattoos and artwork. Over the years, he has collected ink from some of the best American Traditional Tattoo Artists from around the world. With the edgy and grungy essence in his roots, Grant now uses ZONDER as a platform to exercise his own creative outlet whilst proving that quality, lifelong jewellery does not have to come at a hefty price.

ZONDER encapsulates tattoo motifs and imagery on a minimal and elegant scale, providing quality .925 Sterling Silver pieces that seamlessly elevate any outfit, tell an enticing story and withstand the test of time.